Graves in the PCO is getting paid for just showing up.  Then spending 8.5 hours getting left to your own devices.

it’s fantastic, I love it

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Yahtzee sums up how I feel about Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune very succinctly

But still! On to the 2nd game!

…tomorrow because I leave for my graveyard shift in less than a hour!

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Skate 3 sets the industry standard for simulating massive quantum-scale inconsistencies in the laws of physics.

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I thought the entire world forgot about UmJammer Lammy.



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The final fight was a quick time event, I feel like Uncharted is just mocking me now

If I wanted a game to punish me for not being able to press buttons in a certain order I’d play UmJammer Lammy

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All this about Uncharted being said, I do like the characters Nate and Elena and the story is..weird…but not too bad.  Which is why I am willing to move on to the 2nd and see where it goes.  Assuming the combat stops sucking ass.

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omg you dont haaave to finish it

Yeesss I doooo

I am 93% done.  Once I finish it I can move on to the 2nd.  If I quit now all this suffering will be for naught

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Yeah, it would be halfway decent, still not one of my favorite games but not bad, if the combat wasn’t so horrible and poorly spaced.

It’s not challenging, it’s not fun, it’s just frustrating and annoying.  I fucking hate, I hate every single second of it.  Forcing myself to finish the game is like trying to rip my own face.  I’m gonna do it but it’s going to hurt and leave me irrevocably scarred afterwords.

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