melethielminastauriel asked: May I ask a tarot reading too? I'm going though a strange period in my life, where I left all my friends and now I feel so terribly alone. It's a period of transition where I am trying to give a new turn in my life and I feel so scared of what will be of me. Thank you in advance.

Past: The Hierophant- A Master of Spiritual Tradition, you were in a place where you had deep roots.  You felt strong and confident enough to be a leader among those around you.  This is a card that denotes not just any teacher, but one who guides others.  People trusted your opinions greatly and came to you for help.

Present: Two of Bottles- A Need for Cooperation, now this is a tricky one!  This card denotes teaming up with a friend or coworker, but I think in your case it has more to do with looking in unexpected places for new friends.  Friends always seem to be found in the most unlikely of places, never be afraid to look a little closer at people you might have first glanced at.  Try finding someone you can work well with and maybe you can begin to settle in some roots.

Future: The Ace of Swords- A Call to Action, you may feel down right now, but the Ace of Swords represents a fresh new outlook and a surge of creativity.  We often find ourselves in places where we feel alone and unable to move forward, but the funny thing about life is it will move forward regardless.  Just as you feel bad now, you’ll feel good later, you’ll find a solid place to call your own no matter where you are and relationships will yet again form around you.  It may be someone who helps you, or you may help yourself, but things will improve if you work for it.

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Anonymous asked: Hey I saw a post about bad people doing things to black cats on the 'haloween' month; its a real thing and people are being advised to keep their cats safe/there have even been cases where cats looking through windows are harassed/ just wanted to pass the info, so you can make sure your Natasha is okay :) Sorry if it sounds silly, but I wanted you to know...

Thanks for thinking of Natasha, anon!  She is an indoor only cat but I will always be sure to close the blinds when I am not home.  I reward you with a picture of Natasha

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ineyraei asked: You still doing readings? They're a lot of fun (and sometimes actually hit really close like ouch!)

I have some in my inbox from last night!  They are pretty fun to do, and I am glad some of them seem to be working lol

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straightcougar asked: Do meeee! A general one tho :0


Past: The Ten of Swords- Creative Mastery, you worked hard and have brought out in yourself an incredible talent.  It certainly wasn’t easy, it took ages of trial and error, of uphill battles and perseverance.  However the end result was a finely edged sword, one you can absolutely be proud of, no matter how many lesser swords you left in its wake.

The Present: The Fool- A Courageous Youth Begins a Journey, you are beginning something new and unknown.  You may not feel as prepared as you would like as you set out but you know you can’t NOT go either.  Starting out on a journey without all the tools you want may be scary, but as long as you have a support system they’ll help guide you along.  You can find the tools as you go!

The Future: The Lovers- A Harmonious Partnership, all the choices you made during your journey are coming together into something you can be happy with.  It is hard to know if the choices we make today will be the right ones for tomorrow, but this card signifies a coming together of choices, ones that were well made and benefit you greatly.  It’s okay to trust yourself a little bit more!

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[Laufeyson] Loki // Marvel: War of Heroes

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Ohhh my gosh I am so tired.  My neighbor FINALLY SHUT THE FUCK UP so I can sleep.

straightcougar I want to be awake for your reading so I will do it tomorrow morning!

If anyone else still wants one feel free to leave a message in my ask box!  This is a lot of fun!

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ineyraei asked: Alright, my question is, "Are the chains inside of me breakable?" A bit cryptic one, but it's a bit personal so..

The King of Sticks- A Perceptive and Brilliant Judge

Listen to what others have to say, not because they are right, or because it can help, but because the more knowledge you have the more weapons you hold.  However a good King, a wise King, knows when to fight and when to let go.  Do the chains need to break, or do you simple need to let them fall away?  Try to keep calm in the face of your personal demons and know that true wisdom comes from control.  If you feel you do not have what it takes right now that’s alright, a King is still a King even when they take off their crown to rest for the night.  You can put it back on when you feel ready.

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viestadisaster asked: Can I get a general reading? :D Also good luck with learning all the cards! I have a deck and also a rune set I haven't had time to learn completely, I've used my Clow Cards in the past tho haha

Thank goodness this set comes with a booklet that not only explains the meaning behind every card, but has an introduction that kind of guides a person through readings and the history of tarot.

Anyway, here is your general reading!

Past: The Ten of Rupees- An Abundant Life Continues, this card denotes the end of one prosperous cycle so a new one can start.  One cycle does not begin without the other ending, but the ending is freely given.  Family traditions or items pass to you, but it is up to you if you keep them.

Present: Temperance- The Balancing of One’s Life, you may have some unpleasant tasks laying before you right now, but sometimes you just have to buckle down and complete them.  Balance is important right now, even if it means walking a thin line between what you enjoy and what you do not.  However Temperance is an excellent sign if you are about to embark on a creative endeavor!  Balance is important to keep yourself healthy and able to be your best self possible, in all areas of your life!  It sure is hard work though!

Future: The Six of Swords- A Time of Easy Accomplishments, yes your future does hold trials and tribulations, but the Six of Swords is about victory over them.  Hard times may come but you have the strength and perseverance to triumph over them.  Perhaps the balance in your present has made you stronger, perhaps what was left to you at the beginning of your cycle aids you along the way, but whatever the cause, you will rise above.

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plassypus asked: I have a tarot-card question! I have a party coming up this weekend that I'm experiencing anxiety about right now. But is it something that will turn out okay/is there a way I can make it easier on myself?

Instead of Past, Present, Future, this reading is Morning, Afternoon, and Evening of your coming day!


Morning: The Nine of Rupees- A Prosperous Peace, find yourself some peace and quiet before everything begins.  Find something you love as much as this woman loves her dog, whether that be a pet, a person, or a hobby, to place yourself in the right frame of mind.  You can bring yourself much peace of mind, but only with discipline!  Remember, even if things get hectic later, you had that small peace in the morning, and you can have it again.

Afternoon: The Hierophant- A Master of Spiritual Tradition, this might seem like an unfitting card at first, but the Hierophant is a reminder of rules and traditions.  You may have to enforce some rules, perhaps personal boundaries, with those around you.  Your roots are deep though, and while it might feel awkward to tell someone to stop something that is making you uncomfortable, you can hold on to your solid foundation.  And who knows, you might find an opportunity to teach someone how to be a softer person.

Evening: The Eight of Rupees- A Time for Hard Work, all the work of finding a peaceful place and enforcing your boundaries come into play together!  You might have to work harder than others to get into the right space, but being organized mentally can have a great benefit on your enjoyment of the night.  This party will be good or bad dependent how you bring yourself to it, and it may seem unfair that some people can show up unprepared and have fun while it takes you a little longer, but in the end it should just be about having a good time, no matter how you organize yourself to get there!  Smile and know that the day begins anew no matter the outcome, and you can always return to whatever brings you peace.

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